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The standard set of tools for the Map Editor are shown below. Depending on the plugins you have installed, you may see more or less tools.

Selection Tools
tool Selection tool: Select and move features and geometry points.
Navigation Tools
tool Zoom tool: Zoom the map in or out.
tool Pan tool: Pan or recentre the map.
tool Centering tool: Centres the projection at the point clicked
tool Browse tool: Display the Web page for the URL clicked on.
Drawing Tools
tool Point tool: Creates a point feature.
tool Text tool: Creates a text feature.
tool Line tool: Draws a straight line.
tool Path tool: Draws or edits a polyline.
tool Polygon tool: Draws a regular polygon.
tool Freehand path tool: Draws a freehand path.
tool 2-point circle tool: Draws a circle specified by two points on the circle
tool 3-point circle tool: Draws a circle specified by three points on the circumference.
tool Ellipse tool: Draws an ellipse specified by two bounding corners.
Rectangle tool: Draws a rectangle specified by opposite corners.
Transformation Tools
Rotate tool: Rotates the selected features.
Scale tool: Scales the selected features.
Reflect tool: Reflect the selected features.
Shear tool: Shears the selected features.
Image positioning tool: Positions image layers by moving corners or tiepoints.
Miscellaneous Tools
Measuring tool: Measures distances on the map.