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Welcome to JH Labs

JH Labs is the alias of Jerry Huxtable. On this site you will find lots of stuff to do with Java, including source for lots of useful classes and image processing stuff. You'll also find information on stuff I'm working on. You can email at "jerry at", replacing " at " with "@".


image editor
A fully-featured image editor written in Java using the image filters. Suitable for editing icons or Web images. Features include: Multiple layers, blending modes, image effects, image warping.
A map-viewing application written in Java. Features multiple layers, many import formats (including Shapefiles, DXF, GeoTIFF), many map projections.
bean machine
An experimental visual programming environment for Java. Build up processing graphs from nodes and links and create fun 2D and 3D graphics.

Articles and Code

image processing
Some articles on image processing in Java and a collection of Java2D image filters, including blur, emboss, lighting effects and texturing. Source code included.
A partial port of the PROJ.4 map projection library to Java.
layout managers
A collection of useful Java Layout Managers with source code.
A couple of useful JAI operators and codecs: Create mosaics of images and an XML-based codec for specifying operator graphs.
How to create your own custom line styles in Java2D: Custom dashed lines, zigzags, and drawing text along a path.
An article (with source code) explaining how to receive tablet events in Java on OS X.

Fun Things

A Java painting applet for children with special painting tools such as: Baked Beans, Dirty Footprints and Paint Splats.
An applet which displays a particle system with a control panel to let you produce different effects.
A Java-3D juggling simulator based on Juggling Lab. Try out different juggling patterns and props and practice your passing.
A few Java games, including maze builder, pentominoes and the Java Train Set
genetic art
An applet for creating images using a genetic algorithm.
A simple flashcards applet for Mandarin Chinese.
unicode viewer
A Java applet for viewing the entire Unicode font. Use this to check whether your Java VM can display Unicode characters properly.

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